LaSalle College – LINES of Flight Runway Show

The 7th edition on Fashion Preview had its debut last night, in what has become its usual location, the Agora Hydro-Quebec of the UQAM. The event started with a creative bang, with a display of highly elaborate and creative pieces, in a show (Lines of Flight) put together by the fashion students of LaSalle College, Montreal, under the direction of Milan Tanedjikov.

Lines of Flight is the runway show that brings together the Creativity project of the soon-to-be LaSalle graduates. For this project, the students had complete creative freedom, except for one design premise – speculative design. What this means is that the students had to speculate on what they believed the future might bring. Part of the beauty of the Lines of Flight show is that it brings together a mix of ideas, from futuristic and dystopian creations, to celestial and anarchic inspirations. No two pieces are alike, yet in the show they flow together beautifully, as a collective statement on the world of tomorrow.

An interesting aspect worth noting is that, even though for the Creative project each of the students designed their own head-to-toe outfits, the looks we saw on the runway were a styled combination of the original creations.

Aside from their Lines of Flight runway show, at Fashion Preview last night we could also find an installation put together by the LaSalle students which featured editorial pieces from The Order Project, which was presented on the Fashion Preview runway in October 2016. It was very original and highly creative show, which aimed to raise awareness on the today’s problem of overconsumption and waste in the fashion industry (30% of the clothes produced will never be sold!!). Last night’s installation (which you can see in the photos below), with the use of red and portraits on the wall, was inspired by a Soviet Russia presidential office. The idea behind this, which is highly symbolic for The Order Project, was that in the communist era (due to lack of supply) people had to recycle and reuse clothes.

Once again, last night’s show was wonderful display of talent from College LaSalle, which leaves us excited to see what “lines of creative flight” the young designers will follow in the future.

Lines of Flight – LaSalle College | Montreal
Production : Milan Tanedjikov
Styling : Jessy Colucci and Gabriela Hebert
Hair and Make up : Louise Olsen , Ann-frédéric Tremblay and Dalia Blanchard
Production assistants: Bérénice Tutin, Auré D.Séguin, Jennika Richard, Diana Echeverry, Priscila Riopel St-pierre
Photography : Kaven Tremblay

Visual arts : Christine Charlbois

Photo  Credits: Tora Photography for (thank you for using these credits, for any use of these photos).

Text: Tora Chirila