Fashion Preview #7 – KQK Fall-Winter 2018 Runway Show

During the second evening of Fashion Preview #7, KQK presented a very urban, casual yet strong and sophisticated Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection which follows the brand’s androgynous, edgy and minimalistic signature aesthetics. After last October we admired on the Agora Hydro-Quebec runway a monochromatic Spring-Summer 2017 collection, the new designs stand out by the introduction of bright red elements. From the red design inserts, such as stripes on sleeves or pants, to the red jackets and shirts and to an actual red whole outfit, the use of colour is a fresh addition to the brand’s nonconformist look, without diverting from the minimalistic identity of KQK. Also adding to the edgy look, in the new designs we find a lot of interplay of fabrics, such as wool pieces being mixed with leather inserts.

The KQK label was founded in 2012 by Karen Quirion, a Fashion Design graduate from the Campus Notre-Dame de Foy in Quebec and holder of a master’s degree in Fashion Communication and Public Relations from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Back in Quebec after her studies, she set up her workshop in her home town, Thetford Mines, and so the first KQK collection was launched in spring 2013.

Inspired by her European experience, Karen’s edgy and minimalistic designs bring a fresh look to the Quebec fashion market. We invite you to discover her most recent collection in the above images.

Photo  Credits: Tora Photography for (thank you for using these credits, for any use of these photos).

Text: Tora Chirila