Fashion Preview #7 – Collage Fashion Fall-Winter 2018 Runway Show

On the last evening of Fashion Preview #7 Collage Fashion delighted us with the presentation of their colourful Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection. It was a set of very wearable designs, for both women and men, with many jackets and blazers, but also  dresses and pants, all made of rich colourful fabrics.

Understanding the Collage Fashion aesthetics, means understanding the vision of the designer behind the brand, Elizabeth Svirsky. After studying interior design, Elizabeth developed a passion for interior design fabrics which have some superior qualities compared to fashion fabrics such as longevity, durability, easy maintenance, a larger variety of textures, and a greater range of colour, not to mention that some of these fabrics are so beautiful and unique that they are a work of art in their own. Elizabeth’s creations are in essence exactly what her brand name states: collages of various fabrics, textures and colours, and the results are very beautiful and vibrant.

We invite you to admire the new Collage Fashion collection in the above images.

Photo  Credits: Tora Photography for (thank you for using these credits, for any use of these photos).

Text: Tora Chirila