Fashion Preview #7 – Leinad Beaudet Fall-Winter 2018 Runway Show

After having enchanted us with his creations during two previous editions of Fashion Preview (which you can admire here and here), Leinad Beaudet presented, during the second night of Fashion Preview #7, a very clean yet very elegant and rich Fall-Winter 2017-2018 collection. Created in Leinad’s signature aesthetic, the new designs propose once again a contemporary yet timeless look, a beautiful blend of clean and simple yet rich and sophisticated. For this collection, Leinad imported fabrics from Italy, which was more costly, but gave an extra richness and refinement to his creations. However, Leinad stays true to his Quebec origins and produces all his collections locally.

Through his fashion label, Leinad introduced the concept of “slow wear”, a philosophy which promotes the idea of following trends more pragmatically and realistically, which is in stark antithesis with the idea of “fast fashion” and fleeting trends promoted by so many brands today.

In line with his philosophy, Leinad created once again a refined, ageless collection, which can beautifully dress contemporary women of all ages.

Photo  Credits: Tora Photography for (thank you for using these credits, for any use of these photos).

Text: Tora Chirila